A Special Thought or Two

Specials, its just that... specials... a place for works in progress, digressions, things that don't fit in the other sections I suppose. Consider this both the floatsom and the jetsom. ... click on the image to view the page...

New Womens Health 01

New Womens Health 02

New Womens Health 03

New Mens Health 01

New Mens Health 02

New Mens Health 03

Christie Brinkley Chicago 01

Christie Brinkley Chicago 02

Christie Brinkley Chicago 03

Angelina Esquire 01

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Angelina Esquire 03

Slutwalk 01

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Slutwalk 03

Occupy Wall Street 01

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Occupy Wall Street 03

Mad Men 01

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Mad Men 03

Avril Lavigne

Erin Burnett

Anna Nicole

Anne Hathaway

Christina Aguilera

Tiffani Thiessen

Pussy Cat Nicole

Brooklyn Decker

Olivia Wilde

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Bridget Nielson

Michelle Pfeiffer

Molly Ringwald

Erin Burnett CNN

The Hampton Classic

Jodi Applegate

Lindsay Lohan 01

Top Katie Gun

Lindsay Lohan 02

80's Albums 01

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german fest
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jenny mccarthy
Autumn 01
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Autumn 02
GQ - Q
Autumn 03
german fest
Autumn 04
jenny mccarthy
CNBC Erin Burnett
CNBC Erin Burnett
Darlene Rodreguez
Darlene Rodriguez

Christie SI
Hampton Classic
Hampton Classic 01
Hampton Classic
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Hampton Classic
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psychology today
Psychology Today Cover
german fest
German Fest 01
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Kim in the City
GQ - Q
GQ - Q
metropolitian opera
Metropolitian Opera